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Dennis Quast is a online specialist and content marketer creating engaging video and graphic content for your brand.

I have been working with Dennis for more than four years now. Here are the five most important reasons why I love working with him. He is efficient, diligent, hardworking, caring, and delivers on time. His content ideas are creative and make him a remarkable social media manager.

Shohreh Aghdashloo
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress

Dennis is a highly skilled social media director and content producer with whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 3 years. He works well with people from diverse backgrounds and is an effective team player. In addition, Dennis has a great strategic vision for planning and executing social media content. As a result, he regularly produces engaging content and helps achieve our business goals and objectives.

Tamara Trione
Tamara Trione
Nancy Seltzer & Associates, Inc.

Hi, I’m Dennis Quast.

I help brands, organizations, and public figures build and grow their online presence with engaging content tailored to their respective audiences.

When I’m not creating videos, designing graphics, or coding a new landing page for a client’s website, you’ll probably find me planning the next content campaign.

I used to work as an online marketing manager, creating content and leading marketing campaigns for various mid-size businesses in Germany. But after ten years in the field, I realized I wanted to switch it up.

I'm Dennis Quast. I help public figures and organizations to build their online audience with engaging content and content marketing strategies.

“Creating unique content and seeing the impact on the audience is the most rewarding aspect of my work.”

I’ve always been creative, so it’s no surprise that I first used Adobe Photoshop when I was just 15 years old at version 7.0. Owning my first computer, I tapped into a new world of possibilities with graphic design, videos, and web design.

I spent my free time building several successful web pages in various niches and expanded my knowledge in professional video editing. At the same time, I focused my energy on the dynamic world of online marketing and e-commerce, creating content and leading marketing campaigns for various mid-size businesses.

The “aha!” moment

In May 2018, the U.S. cable channel “Syfy” announced it had canceled its sweeping space epic, “The Expanse,” after three seasons. Together with the fan community, I worked on an online campaign that would eventually help continue the tv series on Amazon’s Prime Video.

The call-to-action graphics and video content that I had created at that point received 50,000 upvotes on Reddit, and over 170,000 views within 48 hours on YouTube, gathering the attention of the show’s writers, producers, and the actors, who separately started reaching out to me.

That was the moment I recognized the potential when applying my skills to another stage.

These days, I’m pursuing my passion as a full-time freelancer with clients who have led me to the United States and Canada, including film sets to create exclusive content to grow their audiences.

My online marketing strategies quadrupled followers on Instagram (one of my proudest achievements) and raised engagement rates above average on all major social media platforms.

In this work, I have the privilege to work with professional marketing teams from agencies, non-profit organizations, and film studios like Amazon Studios.

Shohreh Aghdashloo and Dennis Quast at The Expanse film set.
With Shohreh Aghdashloo creating behind-the-scenes content.

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