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Video is a powerful marketing tool

It grabs attention, inspires, and solves the problem with banner blindness. This is a phenomenon where web users subconsciously learn how to ignore traditional banner/display advertising.

Add to that the fact that paid search and display advertising are losing effectiveness, thanks to nearly half of internet users (47%) using an adblocking program.

In short, if you’re not utilizing video marketing, then you’re likely falling behind. Let me show you how I can help.

Video Editing Services

The following are the most commonly used types of videos I use in video marketing campaigns or video advertising initiatives.

Brand Storytelling Videos

A storytelling video can be a powerful way to connect with your audience and communicate your brand.

With engaging visuals, I can make brand storytelling videos that highlight your core values and purpose. These videos offer more than a product and service. Instead, they provide an experience that transcends everyday reality.

Social Media Videos

I create original social media video content that develops brand awareness, increases your followers, and drives sales.

It’s essential to consistently deliver content across multiple social media channels to be a successful content marketer. You’ll be surprised to learn that visual content has a 40-fold higher chance of being shared than text content.

By delivering creative social media videos, you want your brand to be able to spark conversation. Therefore, linking your video to the latest trends and topics is vital.

Demo Reel Videos

The demo reels I create help agents, casting directors, and producers see the potential of an actor’s acting skills and on-screen presence.

A demo reel, also known as a “sizzle reel” or “showreel,” is a compilation of the best acting work on camera that shows an actor’s range in less than two minutes. An actor’s reel often decides whether or not they are asked to audition.

Or they can serve the purpose of engaging your fan community like this supercut, which takes the reel concept to the next level with fun scenes and motion graphics.

On a fast-paced platform like Twitter, it generated more than 20,000 views within 48 hours.

Interview and Q&A Videos

For my clients, I organize and create interviews that can spark conversation online.

Interview and Q&A videos are great for engaging your audience and satisfying their informational needs. Industry experts, influencers and team members, customers, or even your audience. You can prepare the questions yourself, but it’s a great way for your followers to stay engaged by collecting their questions.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Give your audience a glimpse into your daily life with original behind-the-scenes videos. These videos are great for showcasing your company culture and giving credit to your staff. They can also be used to humanize your brand, build trust, and strengthen relationships with your audience.

I’ve directed, shot, and edited numerous videos, including this example – a two-part behind-the-scenes series following the actress Shohreh Aghdashloo on “The Expanse” set in Toronto, Canada.

The video series was well-received by fans, with around 200,000 views on social media.

Pre-event and Recap Videos

I can create pre-event announcements that help convert people to attend your event (virtual or in-person), while the event recap video will be a great throwback for those who have attended. It will also become your most powerful marketing asset for the next event.

In addition, these videos will make it easy for those unable to attend to find out what they missed.

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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Video Marketing

10 years Experience

I’ll boost your content marketing efforts with more than ten years of experience and knowledge in creating video content and marketing.

Quick Results

With the latest software and tools to complete the job effectively and to professional quality, I always deliver on time and quickly.

All-in-one Service

I provide an all-in-one service, including editing the audio, adding motion graphics, and embellishing the clip as and when required.

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